Coming January 2018!
Beacon Educator will be launching a massively updated website on January 8, 2018. There is a lot of excitement and hard work happening! I am sharing this information to give you a glimpse into our planning and development which started in October, 2016.

Beacon Educator’s exciting changes include:
• Providing better navigation and a friendlier, more responsive website.
• Updating Course and Module interfaces.
• Improving reporting tools to provide information more efficiently.
• Creating new tools to provide a greater amount of information.
• Adding options for quick registration for multiple courses or modules.
• Allowing course registration until midnight on the start date of the course.
• Updating communication features for all users.
• Allowing our development team to
- Develop content more efficiently.
- Update content more effectively.
- Validate URLs.

Beacon Educator is committed to continuing:
• Building and providing high quality professional learning and resources for educators.
• Supporting educators, schools, districts, and agencies.
• Providing accountability for learning through Course features (e.g., meaningful Summative Exercises).
• Providing accountability for learning through Module features (e.g., Mastery Assessment using multiple choice questions).
• Sending helpful automated messages to participants, facilitators, and managers.

With your support, Beacon has provided over 4,200,000 hours of professional learning to more than 55,000 educators since 2003.

We appreciate YOU!

Gifted Endorsement Program

Beacon’s Gifted Endorsement courses provide educators with a flexible path to endorsement and are available 24-hours a day! Our courses are in 60-hour components which typically run for 10 weeks. These courses reflect contemporary research and comply with national standards for professional development and FLDOE Professional Development Protocol Standards. Additionally, they align with the curriculum standards established by the National Association for Gifted Children and the Florida DOE Gifted Endorsement Standards.

Through this program of study, educators investigate the latest research on giftedness and explore models and strategies for teaching gifted and talented students. Participants identify characteristics of gifted students and help foster creativity and academic excellence.

The courses collectively equate to 300 hours of instruction. They are divided into five areas: Curriculum and Instructional Strategies, Educating Special Populations, Guidance and Counseling, Nature and Needs, and Theory and Development of Creativity.

Math Courses

In support of new standards for math, Beacon Educator has proudly developed the new K-8 Math Program. This program consists of four in-depth courses that provide participants with a closer examination and examples for providing a coherent curriculum focused on important topics in mathematics.

For more information go to Beacon Educator's Programs and select Math Courses from the list.

ESOL Program

Beacon Educator provides five 60-hour courses aligned to the Florida ESOL Endorsement for Language Arts teachers. The courses provide current research and interactive features. Participants investigate the areas of methods, curriculum and materials, testing and evaluation, cross-cultural understanding, and applied linguistics.

Other teachers can select one of the 60-hour endorsement courses, a 60-hour survey course (ESOL: Issues & Strategies), or the 18-hour ESOL: An Overview course. Programs for administrators and for guidance counselors are also available.

Check with your district Staff Development office for a list of approved courses!

Great Resources

Beacon Learning Center - Download lesson plans and unit plans.

Florida Educator- Create a teacher website.

Just Science Now - Explore inquiry based science ideas.

Reading Educator - Browse good reading strategies.

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Students with Disabilities Modules

You have a choice of modules --- On Demand: ESE for All Educators (SWD - SB 1108) or On Demand: Managing Challenging Student Behaviors (SWD-SB 1108) to address your need for a 20-hour ESE inservice.

NEW -- On Demand: Managing Challenging Student Behaviors (SWD-SB 1108)

Compare students with identified emotional disabilities to those with acting-out behaviors. Review instructional and behavioral strategies for managing difficult classroom behaviors within the RtI/MtSS framework. Develop an awareness level knowledge of psychotropic medications and accompanying side effects. This is the second module in the Beacon Educator series which addresses the needs of Students with Disabilities (SWD).

On Demand: ESE for All Educators (SWD - SB 1108)

Explore the characteristics and learning needs of students with disabilities in ESE for All Educators. Identify appropriate instructional strategies. Review the legal requirements for providing services and supports. Examine accommodations and modifications provided during instruction and assessment.

Locate the modules under the tab Programs - On Demand - Modules or go to On Demand Modules.

NEW Modules

These modules are ready for you! Register now. Locate these modules under the tab Programs - On Demand - Modules or on your district registration page!

Instructional Practices: Argumentation - Identify the role of argumentation in using evidence to evaluate and substantiate assertions. Learn the core components of argumentation. Explore strategies for teaching argumentation in a variety of classroom environments.

Instructional Practices: Classroom Management - Explore management strategies that lead to improved student motivation and achievement across all content areas and grade levels. Identify methods for creating a positive collaborative learning environment.

Instructional Practices: Differentiated Instruction - Acquire an understanding of differentiated instruction within the K-12 environment. Recognize the purpose of differentiated instruction as it relates to content mastery. Identify strategies included in the planning and instructional processes.

Instructional Practices: Questioning Techniques - Recognize the importance of using questioning techniques to assess student understanding and drive instruction. Gain an understanding of how to develop questions that vary in complexity and align to the content. Identify strategies for using questioning techniques in the classroom.

Instructional Practices: Questioning by Students - Explore how students can use questioning techniques as a learning tool to become better problem solvers and critical thinkers. Explore strategies for teaching students to create effective questions, to use a range of question types, and to improve question quality.

Literacy: Disciplinary Literacy - Examine the unique ways each discipline requires students to think about the subject area. Explore the role of collaboration and various literacy strategies to increase student achievement across the content areas.

Math: Standards of Practices 9-12 - Acquire strategies for embedding the eight mathematical practices into everyday instruction. Identify changes in instructional practice necessary to engage students in mathematical thinking and understanding.

On Demand: Managing Difficult Student Behaviors (SWD-SB 1108) - This module addresses the needs of Students with Disabilities (SWD) and SB 1108. Compare students with identified emotional disabilities to those with acting-out behaviors. Review instructional and behavioral strategies for managing difficult classroom behaviors within the RtI/MtSS framework. Develop an awareness level knowledge of psychotropic medications and accompanying side effects.

Reading Endorsement

Beacon’s reading endorsement program is fully aligned to the latest Florida Reading Endorsement Standards. The program consists of five 60-hour courses that are facilitated by knowledgeable, experienced educators. For more information, select Reading Courses under Programs. Go to the Reading Endorsement area and select Reading Endorsement Quick Fact Sheet.

New Course

Instructional Strategies for Paraprofessionals - Examine the role of an instructional paraprofessional in creating a positive classroom learning environment. Learn basic instructional strategies and classroom management techniques to assist the classroom teacher.

Register now at Programs/Professional Growth/Instructional Support.