ESOL - Curriculum and Materials

Learn to understand and apply concepts, research, best practices, and evidenced-based strategies to plan classroom instruction in a supportive learning environment for ELLs. Learn to select and adapt standards-based materials, resources, and technologies.
(60 credit hours)

Course Prerequisites

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Course Objectives
  • ESOL Standards Participants
    • Plan for integrated standards-based ESOL and language sensitive content instruction.
    • Create supportive, accepting, student-centered classroom environments.
    • Plan differentiated learning experiences based on assessment of students’ English and L1 proficiency and integrating ELLs’ cultural background knowledge, learning styles, and prior formal educational experiences.
    • Plan learning tasks for particular needs of students with limited formal schooling (LFS).
    • Plan for instruction that embeds assessment, includes scaffolding, and provides re-teaching when necessary for individuals and small groups to successfully meet English language and literacy learning objectives.
    • Select and adapt culturally responsive/sensitive, age-appropriate, and linguistically accessible materials.
    • Select and adapt a variety of materials and other resources including L1 resources, appropriate to ELLs’ developing English language and literacy.
    • Select technological resources (e.g., Web, software, computers, and related media) to enhance instruction for ELLs of diverse backgrounds and at varying English proficiency levels.
  • Technology Standards
    • Teachers evaluate and reflect on current research and professional practice on a regular basis to make effective use of existing and emerging digital tools and resources in support of student learning. (5-C)
    • Teachers communicate relevant information and ideas effectively to students, parents and peers using a variety of digital-age media and formats. (3-C)

Continuing Education Units / Inservice Points

The number of credit hours listed for this course corresponds to the approximate time it takes a participant to complete the course. This information provides guidance to professional development agencies for the purpose of determining course credit.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or inservice points are typically awarded by the sponsoring school district. Participants should verify acceptance of online course credit with their local districts' professional development administrators.

Upon fulfillment of all requirements, your Beacon Educator transcript will reflect completion of this course. The transcript and syllabus may be printed and given to the appropriate district contact.

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Documentation Methods

In order to complete this course, participants must submit the following documentation. These exercises, accessible through the Course Log, must meet the established criteria.
  • Multiple Choice Quiz Exercise (1) - Participants' factual learning is tested and reinforced.
  • Reflection/Dialogue Exercises (7) – Participants reflect on course content, strategy implementation, and their personal learning experience.
  • File Upload Exercise (2) - Participants demonstrate their understanding of course content by completing charts/forms.


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