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Registering for Courses

Beacon offers a variety of courses.

District Registration and Reporting Requirements

Each state and district/school is unique in how they report completions and what courses they accept for credit. Some districts have special registration and reporting requirements. Please read the items below. It is your responsibility to verify registration and reporting requirements with your district/school before registering for any Beacon courses.

  • Some districts only accept credits from select courses.
  • Some districts require staff to register through their Professional Development portal prior to registering with Beacon.
  • Some districts offer other courses through their Professional Development portal and will complete Beacon registration for you.

To begin the self-registration process, you must first have an account with Beacon and be logged in to that account. Go to to create an account or log in to an existing account.

  • Go to Offerings
    • Use the filters at the top to change Registration Pages or filter the results of the current view.
    • Use the Search bar to search for results throughout Registration Pages.
  • Click the course title to view the courses that interests you.
  • Identify the section you would like to register in. Start and end dates are listed, and completion must occur within these dates.
  • Select Register for the section that interests you. Additional information will be on this page.
    • If Register is red and disabled, you are unable to select the course.
    • Register is disabled for a section when
      • you already completed the course,
      • you are currently registered in a section of the course,
      • the course is in your cart, or
      • the course is on your Save for Later list.
    • See the note listed under the course title for more information.
  • Review the notice about course completion.
  • Select either Request Registration, Add to Cart, or Save for Later.
    • Request Registration: some districts use this option for some of their registration pages.
      • This choice sends a request to your district for approval/denial.
      • Your course selection will be listed on your Dashboard page under Pending Registrations.
      • This choice returns you to the Offerings page.
    • Add to Cart: adds the section to your cart for delayed checkout.
      • This choice takes you to your cart.
      • Note: Some offerings may have a $0.00 cost.
    • Save for Later: adds the section to a wish list, located at the bottom of your cart.
      • This choice saves your selection for registration at a later date.
      • This choice takes you to your cart.
  • Review the cart for accuracy. Ensure the sections you selected for registration are present. 
  • Read the Terms and Conditions page and the Policies page.
  • Select Proceed to checkout.
    • If payment is due, you will be taken to a secure payment page to complete the payment process.
    • If no payment is due, you will be registered in the courses you selected.
  • Continue to your Dashboard page to access your course.

Note: Beacon does not require you to purchase additional course materials. All required content is contained within the course.