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Tips for Success in Modules

Beacon provides a variety of online modules. Modules are non-facilitated and are assessed with multiple-choice quizzes.  Learners must receive a quiz score of at least 80 percent to pass. Learners can retake quizzes as needed. To maximize online learning, Beacon recommends the following considerations.

Before the module:

  • Explore the Beacon website to become familiar with the information found on the support and policies pages. You will find answers to many of your questions on the Support and Policies pages.
  • Create a folder on your computer to save any documents or notes you might want to keep.
  • Make a tentative schedule for completing the module. Keep in mind your own schedule as well as any module deadlines. Refer to the recommended pacing dates in the Summative Log.
  • You have immediate access to the module as soon as you enroll. You may access and begin reading the module prior to the start date. Quizzes become available on the start date.

During the module:

  • Read the module content carefully before taking quizzes. Careful reading reduces the need for retakes.
  • Check Your Understanding exercises are formative self-assessments. These are embedded throughout the module. Immediate feedback displays when a response is submitted. Your responses are not tracked.
  • Press the button at the bottom of the last page of a chapter containing a quiz to go directly to the quiz.
  • Click Summative Log from the Table of Contents to jump directly to the list of summatives.
  • The Summative Log lists all the required summative tasks and their status. The status indicates the progress you have made on each summative (see the article “Working in Summatives”).
  • Quizzes are computer-scored. Learners must receive a score of at least 80 percent to pass. Learners can retake quizzes as needed.
  • Be aware that attempting a quiz close to the end date jeopardizes successful completion if a retake is necessary.

After the course or module:

  • Modules are marked complete when each quiz has earned a score of 80 percent or better.
  • Learners receive an email confirming module completion.
  • Completed modules appear on your Beacon transcript as soon as they are marked complete even if the module is completed prior to the end date.
  • You have access to your Beacon transcript even after modules expire. Log in to Beacon and click My Transcript from the left menu bar.