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Receiving Credit for Courses

Beacon courses comply with national standards and Florida Protocol Standards. However, each state and district/school is unique in how they report completions and what courses they accept for credit. Some districts have special registration and reporting requirements. It is important that you verify registration and reporting requirements with your district/school staff development office before registering for any Beacon courses. You might find it helpful to provide the course syllabus to your district's staff development office:

How do I find and print the course syllabus?

  • Login at
  • Go to the Offerings page.
  • Select Registration Information under the course you are interested in.
  • Print and provide the page to your district.

When will the course completion show on my Beacon transcript?
In most instances, the facilitator marks the course complete once all summative assessments have been approved. However, a course cannot be approved and marked complete until a specific period of time has elapsed based on course hours. (Example: A 60-hour course cannot be approved and marked complete until a week after the start date.) Once a course is approved and marked complete, the course appears on the learner's Beacon transcript even if it is prior to the posted end date.

How will my district receive my course completion report?
Districts have their own process for entering completions in their systems.

  • If you are part of a district that contracts with Beacon, your district has access to reports to document your completion. 
  • If you are asked to provide documentation, you can download your Beacon transcript and a certificate of completion to document course completion. You access your transcript and certificate of completion through the Transcript page.
    • Login at
    • Go to your name at the top right to expand your tools.
    • Select Transcript.
    • Select Official Transcript to download a copy of your full completion transcript.
    • Select the title of your course to download a copy of your certificate of completion.
    • Note: Certificates of completion are only available for courses completed since January 2018.