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Literacy: Disciplinary Literacy


Examine the unique ways each discipline requires students to think about the subject area. Explore the role of collaboration and various literacy strategies to increase student achievement across the content areas.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the unique role of disciplinary literacy in student achievement.
  • Identify the important role of collaboration in achieving disciplinary literacy.
  • Recognize strategies for teaching disciplinary literacy in ELA, social studies, and arts classrooms.
  • Recognize strategies for teaching disciplinary literacy in math, science, and personal fitness classrooms.

Documentation Methods

Participants must document their learning by completing the following summative.

1 Multiple Choice Exam - Learner demonstrates knowledge of content by selecting the correct answer from the choices provided.

The summative must meet 80% of the established criteria.

Project Team

Author: Andrew Wing, B.A.

Developed by Kathleen Jones, M. S.; Vicky Nichols, B.S.; Lynda Claspy, M.Ed..

Module Last Updated: 2022