Michael Williams
Beacon Technology Specialist

Michael is a Technology Specialist and has been with Beacon for 7 years. He has been with Bay District Schools for almost 20 years with most of those years in the tech field. He graduated college in 2002 and has an Associate’s degree in Computers and Networking from Pittsburgh Technical College. In 2004 he was voted employee of the year at the school location he was at. He is a great asset to have here at Beacon with his knowledge and the way he can get along with staff and our customers are explementary. He currently has a certification in CompTIA IT Fundamentals. He also has a Google IT Professional Certificate and a Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate both completed in 2022. He will be going to Center for Technology Training in Tampa in the fall of this year to pursue certifications in CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Security+, CCNA, Linux, ISSP and Project Management.