Modules Pricing & Unlimited Option

Beacon has a model of professional learning called the Unlimited Modules Enrollment Plan.

How can this Subscription Model work for your school or school district?


  • The module format is an engaging content delivery system, includes formative assessments, and ends with a randomly generated multiple-choice end-of-course assessment.
  • Your educators can self-enroll in any of the online non-facilitated professional learning modules. Download the Beacon Modules Catalog.

(Please note that substitutes and any non-instructional staff including paraprofessionals or bus drivers, may register for the modules Adult Conflict Resolution and Substitute Teaching.)

  • Accountability for learning is accomplished through the exit exam which requires 80% or better to receive credit for the module.
  • Educators and staff can enroll at any time of the year in as many modules as desired.

Typically, this subscription plan would be available for your school or district starting July 1 through June 30. Unlimited enrollment!

Costs: The cost of this model is based on the size of your school or district.

For package price, contact Barbara Eubanks, 1-800-311-6437.