Scheduling Options

While Beacon courses are flexibly paced, each course section has a specific begin and end date. Once enrolled, a participant has full access to the course content. Access to the course content ends seven days from the course end date.

Beacon Educator's standard schedule offers a variety of courses available for all districts and individuals. Beacon can also build a custom schedule to meet your district's professional development needs.

Standard Scheduling

The standard schedule consists of Beacon-facilitated courses only. Using this model, Beacon creates a schedule of courses where each course is scheduled to begin approximately once a month. Courses typically begin on Mondays and end on Sundays. Course length varies based on content and number of inservice hours earned by participants.

Locally-Requested Scheduling

Locally-requested scheduling may consist of Beacon-facilitated or Locally-facilitated courses. For both facilitation models, districts may request that a course begin on any day or date. The length of a course may also be customized. While a "suggested" length of time for a course is provided, it can be modified.

Locally-facilitated course schedules can be proposed at any time by the district contact. Courses facilitated by Beacon should be scheduled in coordination with the Beacon Educator office. Requests should be made at least 7 days before the section is to begin. This allows Beacon time to accommodate the needs of its customers.

To learn more about how to request local scheduling contact, 1-800-311-6437.