Gifted Endorsement Program

Beacon’s Gifted Endorsement courses provide educators with a flexible path to endorsement and are available 24-hours a day! Our courses are in 60-hour components which typically run for 10 weeks. These courses reflect contemporary research and comply with national standards for professional development and FLDOE Professional Development Protocol Standards. Additionally, they align with the curriculum standards established by the National Association for Gifted Children and the Florida DOE Gifted Endorsement Standards.

Through this program of study, educators investigate the latest research on giftedness and explore models and strategies for teaching gifted and talented students. Participants identify characteristics of gifted students and help foster creativity and academic excellence.

The courses collectively equate to 300 hours of instruction. They are divided into five areas: Curriculum and Instructional Strategies, Educating Special Populations, Guidance and Counseling, Nature and Needs, and Theory and Development of Creativity.