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Instructional Practices: Argumentation - Identify the role of argumentation in using evidence to evaluate and substantiate assertions. Learn the core components of argumentation. Explore strategies for teaching argumentation in a variety of classroom environments.

Instructional Practices: Classroom Management - Explore management strategies that lead to improved student motivation and achievement across all content areas and grade levels. Identify methods for creating a positive collaborative learning environment.

Instructional Practices: Differentiated Instruction - Acquire an understanding of differentiated instruction within the K-12 environment. Recognize the purpose of differentiated instruction as it relates to content mastery. Identify strategies included in the planning and instructional processes.

Instructional Practices: Questioning Techniques - Recognize the importance of using questioning techniques to assess student understanding and drive instruction. Gain an understanding of how to develop questions that vary in complexity and align to the content. Identify strategies for using questioning techniques in the classroom.

Literacy: Disciplinary Literacy - Examine the unique ways each discipline requires students to think about the subject area. Explore the role of collaboration and various literacy strategies to increase student achievement across the content areas.

Math: Standards of Practices 9-12 - Acquire strategies for embedding the eight mathematical practices into everyday instruction. Identify changes in instructional practice necessary to engage students in mathematical thinking and understanding.

Modules under development and coming soon-

*On Demand: Managing Difficult Student Behaviors - This module addresses the needs of Students with Disabilities (SWD) and SB 1108.

*Instructional Practices: Questioning by Students