Success Stories


Gordon Swaggerty, Assistant Superintendent of Hendry County Schools, uses Beacon Educator for the following reasons:

First, I feel the program is cost effective for our district. We are a small rural district with diverse needs. Quality on-line professional development saves us time and money. Our location makes travel to find professional development difficult for teachers. Having professional development that meets their needs in district with the added convenience of providing it on-line has been a big plus.

Second, the Beacon Educator courses are high quality courses. Teachers in our district have provided me with very positive feedback on the courses they have taken.

Last, the Beacon staff members are super people! They have professionally worked through any issues or concerns I have run into and solved those issues immediately. The staff members are friendly, willing to assist, and follow through with what they say they will do. I appreciate such professionalism and integrity!

One additional aspect of Beacon that I appreciate is that I can easily track teacher professional development. I know at all times how many hours I have available through Beacon and find the management tools provided to be very user friendly.

Kenny McCay, Literacy Coordinator for Santa Rosa District Schools, lists the following reasons for using Beacon Educator:

  1. Beacon Educator courses address content my teachers need.
  2. Beacon Educator courses have clear criteria and require a reasonable amount of time and work to meet objectives.
  3. Beacon Educator courses are a good value.
  4. Beacon Educator facilitators respond promptly to participants with appropriate feedback.
  5. The Beacon Educator contract management system is easy-to-use.
  6. Beacon Educator online courses permit flexibility in meeting state endorsement requirements.


The following messages are participant feedback provided to our facilitators.

Chris, Classroom Teacher (Alternative Certification Participant), stated

I just want to let you know how much I appreciate your help with the alternative certification program. As you know I just completed my second year at Jinks as the 7th grade mainstream science teacher. I have to admit I was not looking forward to taking these classes because I thought it was going to be a bunch of busy work. I wish I had listened to you and signed up earlier for the program. I'm really enjoying the classes and I'm learning a lot of practical strategies that will help me in the classroom this coming school year. I've just completed my sixth course, Reading part A, and I'm half-way through Reading part B. My 8 year old is having trouble with his reading comprehension and we have him at Sylvan Learning this summer. These classes have helped me to talk to them about their strategies. Also, these classes are getting me excited about teaching my science text next year. The text is written on a difficult level and I plan on using as many of these activities as time permits. I've also enjoyed the ESOL class and the information I've learned is going to help with several of my students who speak limited or no English. I appreciate the quick response time and comments/suggestions from you and the other instructors. Everyone has been great to work with. Again thanks for all the help.

Anthony, Classroom Teacher (Reading Endorsement Participant) remarked

I always knew that reading was important, but after reflecting on everything that I have learned during this course, I have come to realize how critical it is to build reading skills in all five components of reading in all subjects, including, of course, math and science. I intend to add strategies to build reading skills in each component area in all of my classes. Reflecting on this course and what I have gained from it in the past few weeks, I feel that I have benefited a great deal. What I have learned will impact all of my teaching. I feel that it was a very rewarding experience. I thank you for your support, feedback, and input during the course. It has helped me to be a better and more effective teacher!

Marianne, Classroom Teacher (Reading Endorsement Participant) said

I enjoyed the lessons and have already used much of what I learned in the classroom everyday. This course and the ESOL classes I took last year are making me into a very different teacher--and hopefully a much better one.

Jean, Administrator (ESOL Participant) shared

I would say that it is a terrific way to complete the certification. There was the right amount of information and web sites of more information. It certainly is easy to do around a busy work schedule. Also the facilitator that I had was wonderful to work with. I highly recommend it.

Pat, Media Specialist (ESOL Participant) stated

The course was great. It was over before I realized it! I really like the online format. It is much more flexible for me. The course provided good information that I can use in the library to work with ESOL students. Thanks for helping make this available to me. This was very convenient for me. Thanks again!!

Tommy, Administrator (ESOL Participant) remarked

I just finished the first ESOL course you developed for administrators. It was excellent! I was very impressed with the information contained within the links, the exercises; the entire thing. Most importantly the course was tailored to just what an administrator needs to know and be able to do in respect to ESOL.