Registration Pages

Beacon strives to make the registration process as easy as possible. This process starts with the creation of a free Beacon account. Accounts can be created by participants, contract managers, or district managers. In a district contract, the second step for enrollment is the actual registration of the participant.

For the convenience of contract managers, Beacon provides this process in a single tool. Beacon's Quick Enrollment Tool allows contract managers to set-up an account and enroll a participant in less than one minute! The only information the contract manager needs to provide is the participant's name, e-mail address, work location, and job title. Beacon's registration process is that simple.

For step-by-step instructions for these tools, visit the Guide to Registration Tools.

Important Account Information

Individuals should have one, and only one, account. One important reason for this is so that an individual maintains a single Beacon transcript. Since the participant's e-mail address functions as the participant's username, Beacon does not allow individuals to register with shared e-mail accounts. If a duplicate account is created, please contact Beacon for assistance.