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Math for K-8 Teachers: Algebraic Thinking

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Make connections between patterns and functions. Explore mathematical models and strategies to increase understanding of quantitative and qualitative relationships, including problem solving using the analysis of change.

Learning Objectives

In this course the participant will

  • Identify the necessity for promoting algebraic thinking in arithmetic instruction.
  • Identify ways to classify numbers, shapes, and objects by properties.
  • Demonstrate how to develop pattern recognition.
  • Identify ways to make generalizations about patterns.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the connection between patterns, relations and functions.
  • Demonstrate a conceptual understanding of properties of operations used in arithmetic with multiple representations.
  • Utilize concrete, pictorial, verbal, and symbolic representations of unknown quantities.
  • Identify activities to relate using equations.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of quantitative relationships in number operations.
  • Recognize the value of modeling mathematics in the classroom.
  • Identify problem situations that use various representations of quantitative relationships.
  • Identify the algebraic thinking in qualitative change.
  • Formalize the algebraic thinking in quantitative change.
  • Discover the development of rate in grades K-8 and beyond.

Documentation Methods

Participants must document their learning by completing the following summative.

4 Reflections - Learner synthesizes previous knowledge and course content in order to develop a narrative response.

The summative must meet 80% of the established criteria.

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