Beacon Educator strives to provide quality professional development in a positive, welcoming environment. To facilitate this atmosphere, we expect honesty, integrity, and professionalism from all parties involved in our online community of learners. We hold the following expectations:
Professional Conduct
  • Act in a professional, ethical, respectful, and legal manner.
  • Respect all Beacon materials as copyrighted works.
  • Use standard English (grammar and conventions) in all communications.
To receive course credit, all Course Log exercises must be completed independently by the participant and not plagiarized from any other source or person.
  • Collaboration via learning communities is encouraged, but Course Log exercises must reflect the individual's own unique response.
  • If a source is used, the citation must use a standard format (APA, MLA, etc.) and should constitute less than 10% of the response.
  • Changing words but maintaining the sentence structure and ideas of another's work constitutes plagiarism.
For a first occurrence, participants will be asked to revise any response that is substantially identical to another's work. For any subsequent occurrence, participants will be subject to course withdrawal or will not receive credit for the course. No refunds will be made. District contacts may be notified of the action if the district is providing course funding. Beacon reserves the right to block accounts, thereby denying future registrations.

Participant Expectations
  • Complete the Course Tour prior to taking the first course with Beacon Educator.
  • Review FAQs for answers to commonly asked questions.
  • Contact the appropriate person in a timely manner if problems are encountered.
  • Contact the course facilitator with issues regarding the course.
  • Contact Technical Support if needed. (Call 1-866-936-7352)
  • Contact Beacon Educator for general issues. (beam@beaconeducator.com or 1-800-311-6437)
Note: All credit card purchases are final, as stated during the registration process. However, for unusual circumstances, we may be able to transfer your enrollment to a different section. Contact the office, 1-800-311-6437 or Beam@BeaconEducator.com, with your request.
  • Read course content, complete Check Your Understanding activities, view video clips, and visit external Web links and other resources in each session prior to completing the corresponding Course Log exercise.
  • Submit Course Log exercises in a timely manner.
  • Check the course introduction for submission timelines or pacing guides.
  • No more than two Course Log exercises may be submitted during the final week. All must be submitted by the posted end date.
  • If there is no grace period, all Course Log exercises must be submitted by the beginning of the final week.
  • Allow sufficient time for the review and revision process. Late submissions may result in non-completion of the course.
Note: Participants are automatically withdrawn if no Course Log exercises have been submitted:
  • 3 weeks prior to the end date for 60-hour courses.
  • 1 week prior to the end date for courses of 6-30 hours.
  • 3 days prior to the end date for courses of 2-5 hours.
  • Course Log exercises must meet established criteria in order to be approved. All must be approved for course completion.
  • Beacon reserves the right to limit the number of rounds of feedback.
  • Module Exit Exam Waiting Period:
  • As soon as you are registered for a module, you can log in to your Beacon account and begin reading.
  • You can interact in all features of the module, except the Exit Exam.
  • The Exit Exam is available after registration and the number of credit hours has past.
  • Example 1: If registering at 1 pm for a 6-hour Instructional Practices: Differentiated Instruction module, the Exit Exam will be available at 7 pm.
  • Example 2: If registering at midnight for the 20-hour On Demand: ESE for All Educators (SWD - SB 1108) module, the Exit Exam will be available the next day at 8 pm.
  • The Exit Exam can be accessed during the section dates, but NOT before.

Tips for a Successful Course Experience