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Common Core 6-8: Mathematics


Explore the CCSS Math (6-8), including the College and Career Ready Mathematical Practice Standards. Investigate classroom implementation of the standards.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain how and why the CCSS and CCSSM were developed.
  • Identify the eight Standards of Mathematical Practices (SMP).
  • Identify how to read and use the CCSSM.
  • Explain the role of PARCC and Smarter Balanced Consortium in assessment.
  • Identify instructional strategies to use for the CCSSM.
  • Explain how CCSSM affects special populations.

Documentation Methods

Participants must document their learning by completing the following summative.

1 Multiple Choice Exam - Learner demonstrates knowledge of content by selecting the correct answer from the choices provided.

The summative must meet 80% of the established criteria.

Project Team


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