Coming January 2018!

Beacon Educator will be launching a massively updated website on January 8, 2018. There is a lot of excitement and hard work happening! I am sharing this information to give you a glimpse into our planning and development which started in October, 2016.

Beacon Educator’s exciting changes include:
• Providing better navigation and a friendlier, more responsive website.
• Updating Course and Module interfaces.
• Improving reporting tools to provide information more efficiently.
• Creating new tools to provide a greater amount of information.
• Adding options for quick registration for multiple courses or modules.
• Allowing course registration until midnight on the start date of the course.
• Updating communication features for all users.
• Allowing our development team to
- Develop content more efficiently.
- Update content more effectively.
- Validate URLs.

Beacon Educator is committed to continuing:
• Building and providing high quality professional learning and resources for educators.
• Supporting educators, schools, districts, and agencies.
• Providing accountability for learning through Course features (e.g., meaningful Summative Exercises).
• Providing accountability for learning through Module features (e.g., Mastery Assessment using multiple choice questions).
• Sending helpful automated messages to participants, facilitators, and managers.

With your support, Beacon has provided over 4,200,000 hours of professional learning to more than 55,000 educators since 2003.

We appreciate YOU!